Hotellerie de Mascognaz


If you are looking for a story that will leave you with your mouth open and re-awaken in you wonderful childhood memories then this is the perfect place for you. Relax completely, breathe deeply and prepare to experience something really extraordinary.
The story begins around 1323. At this time the village was called Mascognia, which in Latin doesn’t sound as good as Mascognaz, but the sense and spirit of the village is exactly as it was seven centuries ago.

But… together we shall discover some secrets of Mascognaz that can only be seen in a few pictures and images, which help us to imagine how life might have been in this Walser village at the start of the last century.
Mascognaz 1901, yes you read it right nineteen o one……what was so special about this year? During this year in a place far away from the rest of the world, where many things were happening, began a century that would change the lives of many people on the planet and it is very likely that the level of stress was high.

It was at this time that Mascognaz was elected as a place of meditation and peace by a POET, a PAINTER and a PHILOSOPHER. It appears that in this place there was believed to be a heavenly peace and most importantly a peace between men.

Who were these artists who for several months retreated to these beautiful parts to find peace? To discover this you need to do as they did and enter into a different world, beautiful and surreal. Let yourself go and re-discover your childhood emotions that accompany us throughout our lives.

La vie a Mascognaz

Hotellerie de Mascognaz – Champoluc Ayas