Live the mountain with a 3-days trek of extraordinary beauty that offers the possibility to discover the mountain traditions, to taste typical products, to admire the architecture of the alpine villages; all this with a backpack along legendary paths, wild places in the silence of the Big Mountains, while You can allow the comfort of a luxury stay in the heart of the Alps.



Your room will be an old classroom of the village school, a larch rascard where the hay were a long time ago or the old shepard’s hous, all recovered in a refined and luxurious environment.

The warm and intimate atmosphere of the old huts will be accompanied by lot of attentions for the guests, and, icing on the cake, You can relax in the wellness centre which, thanks to its big windows, offers a privileged view of the Plateau Rosa glacier, all while You let yourself go to the sweet pampering offered by this place. A corner of paradise face to face with the call of the forest and the sunset over the Rosa.

h. 15.00 : arrival at the Hotel and room accomodation
Free time: relax in the wellness centre or easy walk around the village
h. 19.00 : welcome drink and meeting with the guide


The morning will be used to warm the legs up, from Mascognaz the path going in the middle of a pine woodlands where You expect, at any moment, to see some gobling appear! So between ups and downs , glimpses on the valley and views of the peaks of the Rosa and Matterhorn we will arrive to Resy, a village with a privileged view over the valley. A good lunch at Ferraro refuge where the old polenta is a must, a mix between Fontina and potatoes that makes the dish even more delicious.

The second part of the day will take us up of 2600 m where we will find the Rifugio Grand Tournalin. Spending a night in a refuge means being up in an unusual hour, seeing the sunset from above with a magical light, enjoying a perfect starry sky, feeling like on the top of the world but protected, having a convivial dinner with laughter and stories, sleeping in a cosmic silence and wake up where no one has arrived yet.

h. 9.00 leave Hotellerie
h. 12.00 arrival in Resy and lunch at “Rifugio Ferraro”
h. 14.00 going down to St.Jacques
h. 15.00 transfer with off-road to refuge “Grand Tournalin” (30 minutes)
h. 17.00 excursions during the sunset to “Monte Croce” 2900 m
h. 20.00 dinner at refuge “Grand Tournalin”
h. 20.00 going to sleep


The real adventure begins, we enter in the heart of the mountain, we will overcome the pass and we change valley, from the Monte Rosa to the Matterhorn, the giants who accompanied us along our excursions.

From the refuge the path climbs on the coast aiming at the rocky ramparts which from the Becca di Nana continue to Grand Tournalin, we will pass it easily between outcropping rocks and some slightly exposed stretches. The sensation is of being inside an even larger and higher rock wall, so the refuge will soon start to look like a tiny house surrounded by the green. Going up we will be slower because it’s impossible to not stop to look at the picks of the Plateau Rosa.

From the pass the path becomes comfortable, downhill we change sides and horizons, An alpine prairie, meadows and pastures as far as the eyes can see and sharp mountains above our heads. We easily conquer the “Fontanette” pass 2697m which will be our window on the Cheneil valley. All downhill therefore, we can breathe and concentrate on the nature that surrounds us.

From Cheneil, a small jewel village, we begin the path on the balcony of the Matterhorn, until we reach Chamois, a famous village reachable only with a cable care from the valley.

h. 10.00 departure
h. 13.30 packed lunch in Cheneil
h. 15.00 arrival in Chamois to “Maison Cly”
h. 16.00 relax, spa, massage


It’s the search for uncrowded paths in wild environments that make the trekking even more exciting and the path that leads us to the Pillonet pass is one of these.

The first ascent will wish us a good day, we’ll go up decisively, but the freshness of the morning and the shades of the larches will support us. Going up the landscapes widens to gentle alpine meadows, it will be ideal to admire landscapes and peaks all around us. The Matterhorn will rise like a curtain and the show will deserve our applause!

We’ll be immersed in to the wild and unspoiled nature, full of lakes and reflections of the sky, among traces of chamois goats and eagles that fly free in the sky making us dream of being able to reach with a leap those peaks that seems so close to our steps.

We’ll conquer the pass, the final ramp take our breaths away but never like the view we’ll see from up there!

A deserved break with the right time to eat something and enjoy the landscapes before going back to the Val d’Ayas.

As the ascent also the descent will test us, a steep path runs down the side of the mountain, sometime it will be only a track between the meadows, fun and adventurous. Soon we’ll drop altitude, leaving behind the steps, the amazement, the effort and the laughter but we’ll be full of that happiness that only the mountains can give us.

h. 9.00 departure from Maison Cly
h. 12.30 arrival to the pass and packed lunch
h. 13.30 going down to Mandrou
h. 16.00 transfer to Mascognaz
Free time in wellness centre and dinner


27 JUNE / 1 JULY

min. 4 – max 10 people

– Backpack (20/30 litres) and the cover for it in case of rain
– Shoes for trekking and telescopic sticks
– Clothes for trekking (1 t-shirt per day, waterproof jacket, sweatshirt, 1 trousers)
– Sleeping bag
– Swimsuit
– Sunscreen
– Sunglasses
– A lot of enthusiasm


Mascognaz, il luogo ideale per lo spirito e il corpo

Hotellerie de Mascognaz – Champoluc Ayas